CUBV: A New Look at an Old Pump & Dump Scheme

Get ready to be handed another fish story from the Zouvas brothers

February 8, 2016: The launch of a new Pump & Dump campaign on the shares of Cuba Beverage (CUBV) prompted us to take another look at this share selling scheme which we first exposed back in April of 2011. We are sad but not surprised to report that things have gotten worse. Much worse.

The launch of the new plan to lighten future bag holder's wallets has been left to Freedom Ventures, publisher of Penny Pick Alerts, an old wallet lightener itself.  FV has resorted itself to the usual lies, among them calling tomorrow's play on CUBV "promising". How anyone can justify that analysis on a ticker that has traded a total of $5,000 worth of stock in the last three months is mystifying. If, however, CUBV issues its first press release in eleven months tomorrow in coordination with the Pump & Dump campaign, well then FV knew something the public didn't. And of course, that is illegal.

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One of the pump pieces goes on to claim that, CUBV sells CUBA Herbal Energy Juice in Fresh Healthy Vending Machines, has a distribution agreement with Krasdale for New York City and New Jersey Metropolitan areas, DPI Specialty Foods and distribution deal with Core-Mark for New England. This looks like a fallacy, as according to CUBV's own financials, the company sells nothing and has nothing to sell. Inventory is listed as having zero value and no revenues were generated in the last quarter. The previous quarter lists revenues of $10,000, but even if those revenues came from sales of product, it hardly indicates that CUBV is competitive in the crowded energy drink market, much of which has been relegated to stinky pinkies like CUBV.

Something Fishy
About Mark Zouvas
That CUBV is embarking on a new campaign to dump valueless shares on unsuspecting dupes at this particular time is not exactly a surprise. De facto control of the company is in the hands of the Zouvas brothers: Luke the Attorney and Mark the Accountant. The Zouvas siblings have combined to head up some of the major penny stock schemes of the last several years some of which have been heavily promoted in recent weeks, including Definitive Rest Mattress (DRMC) and more recently Appiphany Technologies (APHD). It appears that imminent investors losses in CUBV will be used to further fatten up the wallets of those behind these Pump & Dump endeavors.

Luke Zouvas & the Misses
Luke's connections to crooked attorneys Luis Carrillo and Wade Huettel are well documented and we have previously discussed some of his shenanigans, including a questionable bankruptcy filing, within an article regarding APHD.

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In the meantime, the printing presses have been churning out stock certificates on a full time basis in preparation for the pending dump-a-palooza.  1,784,461,538 shares were last reported as issued and outstanding as of November 30, 2015, a 74% increase from the 1,021,813,646 shares reported just two months earlier and a 1900% increase from the 89,818,646 shares reported as issued and outstanding in September 2014.

It will be interesting to see how many pigeons can be dragooned into pocketing these intrinsically worthless shares which are bound to head further into the abyss. The Zouvaii are banking on it.